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Last updated December 23, 2017

Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Sheep, and (Occasionally) Other Animals
For Sale

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Follow links for pictures and further information on each goat or sheep.

Please email or call to discuss prices, reservations, and availability, and to set up appointments to visit.

Reservations are $100 for a doeling or buckling, $50 for a wether. I reserve the right to retain for my herd any kid born here. If you reserve a kid before it is born, the price listed on the kidding schedule at that time is locked in. If the doe does not produce enough offspring for the number of reservations, you may choose to have your deposit returned, or to apply it to another available kid. If you decide not to purchase an available kid that you reserved, your deposit is not refunded. Please make arrangements to take posession of the kid in a timely manner; otherwise, there may be board charges. Thank you for understanding and helping to make this process go smoothly.

All goats are dual registered with AGS and ADGA, and the senior does are on milk test through the Langston DHI lab under the auspices of AGS and ADGA.

All adult goats are blood tested for CAE, Johne's, and CL on a regular basis (about every couple of years), and all new animals are isolated and tested for those diseases, and for Brucellosis and TB as well. December, 2009, test results from Washington Disease Diagnostic Lab: all goats tested for CAE, CL, and Johnes; all sheep for CL and Johnes; the llama for Johnes -- all negative. April, 2011, all goats tested for CAE, CL, and Johnes -- all negative. January, 2013, all goats and sheep tested for CL and Johnes, goats for CAE and sheep for OPP -- all negative. February, 2016, all does tested for CAE, CL, and Johnes -- all negative again. Will do the bucks when my long-suffering husband recovers from the doe blood-drawing session!

Prices: Wethers (neutered males) are $150 each or two for $250. Does and breeding bucks are individually priced according to their show potential and the quality of their parents. Discounts for multiple purchases of breeding stock: $50 off for a second doe or buck.

The kids are usually ready to go to their new homes around two to three months old. All kids are handled extensively and partially bottle-fed for socialization, so they are friendly. When you pick up your kid at two months or older it will be disbudded, tattooed, wormed, vaccinated, and accompanied by a complete health record, and most wethers will already be wethered.

Buck kids are generally neutered at two to three months and sold as pets, although I will keep the most promising ones intact as long as possible. Write or call to see what kids are still available as bucks if you are interested.

Similarly, the ram lambs will be neutered at 3-4 months and go to the butcher in the fall, but let me know if you want a ram for breeding early enough so it doesn't get neutered.

The links in the breeding/kidding tables go to the dams' and sires' pages, and to individual pictures of each kid. Kid pictures are usually taken around a couple weeks after they are born.
Goat Breeding/Kidding Schedule for 2017
GCH Fairlea Marguerite Fairlea Prince Rainier 9/16/16 2/12 J1 buck, buckskin & white - Sold does $900
bucks $700
GCH Fairlea Margereen Dragonfly Thorin Oakenshield 10/3/16 3/1 J2 doe, buckskin & white - Kept
J3 buck, gold & white - Sold
J4 doe, gold & white - Sold
does $900
bucks $700
Fairlea Hyacinth Fairlea Frederic Chopin 10/10/16 3/7 J5 buck, buckskin & white - Sold does $450
GCH Fairlea Linnet Fairlea Edmond Dantes 10/25/16 3/22 J6 doe, very pale gold & white - Sold
J7 buck, buckskin, mostly white - Sold
J8 doe, buckskin - Sold
does $800
bucks $600
SGC Fairlea Eleanor Fairlea Apollo 11/1, 11/7 4/1 Sadly, the kid died. does $1000
bucks $800
Fairlea Athena Ilia Fairlea Apollo 11/7/16 4/3 J9 buck, chamoisé & white - Sold
J10 buck, dark gold & white - Reserved
J11, buck, light gold & white - Reserved
does $450
Fairlea Phoebe Fairlea Prince Rainier 11/19/16 4/14 J12 doe, dark buckskin & white - Sold
J13 buck, dark buckskin & white - Sold
J14 doe, medium buckskin & white - Sold
J15 doe, dark buckskin & white - Sold
does vary
bucks $300
Fairlea Sheer Grace Fairlea Frederic Chopin 11/20/16 4/15 J16 doe, chamoisée & white
J17 buck, Polled buckskin - Sold
J18 buck, Polled buckskin/chamoisé/white - Sold
J19 buck, buckskin/chamoisé - Sold
does $450
wethers $150
GCH Fairlea Francesca Fairlea Frederic Chopin 10/26, 11/14, 12/10 5/5 J20 doe, dark buckskin & white - Sold
J21 doe, choc/cream buckskin & white - Sold
J22 doe, Polled choc.repartita - Sold
does vary
bucks $300
Fairlea Irene Fairlea Edmond Dantes 12/21 5/16 J23 buck, buckskin/chamoisé & white - Sold
J24 buck, chamoisé with white belt - Sold
J25 doe, gold & white - Sold
does $500
bucks $300
Fairlea Clover, mini-ober Dragonfly RY Apache Tears 12/29 5/27 J26 buck, chamoisé - Sold
J27 doe, chamoisée
J28 buck, chamoisé with white - Sold
J29 doe, chamoisée

Note: They are 3/4 Nigerian, 1/4 Oberhasli
does $350
for the pair
Fairlea Sieglinde Dragonfly Bacchanalia 1/8 6/2 J30 doe, very pale gold & white - Sold does $450
GCH Fairlea Amaryllis Fairlea Rainier 2/15/17 7/11 J31 doe, pale gold & white - Kept
J32 doe, black & white - Sold
does varies
bucks $500

Goat Breeding Plans for 2018
GCH Fairlea Princess Grace Dragonfly R Thorin Oakenshield 9/28, 10/27 2/20/18, 3/21 Sire is son of 2016 AGDA Reserve National Champion / 2012 AGS Top Ten Milker does $900
bucks $700
Fairlea Erin Dragonfly H Bacchanalia 10/18, 10/28 3/12/18, 3/22 . does $450
Fairlea Minerva Fairlea Edmond Dantes 10/20/17 3/14/18 . does $450
Fairlea Bronwyn Dragonfly H Bacchanalia 10/20/17 3/14/18 . does $450
SGCH Fairlea Eleanor Fairlea Apollo 11/8/17 4/2/18 . .
GCH Fairlea Francesca Fairlea Frederic Chopin 11/9/17 4/3/18 . .
GCH Fairlea Amaryllis Dragonfly R Thorin Oakenshield 11/11/17 4/5/18 Sire is son of 2016 AGDA Reserve National Champion / 2012 AGS Top Ten Milker .
Fairlea Athena Fairlea Apollo 11/14/17 4/8/18 . .
Fairlea Phoebe Fairlea Frederic Chopin 11/16/17 4/10/18 . .
GCH Fairlea Margereen Fairlea Frederic Chopin 11/21/17 4/15/18 . .
Fairlea Irene Fairlea Apollo 11/21/17 4/15/18 . .
Fairlea Clover . . . Mini Oberhasli, 3/4 Nigerian .
Fairlea Aura Lee . . . Mini Oberhasli, 3/4 Nigerian .




Follow links for pictures and further information on each animal. Then email me at bchandler1@charter.net to discuss details, and we can also follow up by phone. Discounts for multiple purchases - $50 off for second doe or breeding buck. Mother/child packages sometimes available.
None at present.

SENIOR BUCKS FOR SALE. None at present.
**My bucks are sometimes available for lease to approved farms within driving distance. See the bucks at buckpage and email me for further information.

SHEEP FOR SALE. None at present

Old English silvers and black-breasted reds, all ages and both sexes. The roosters have absolutely stunning plumage, and they are very conscientious guardians of their hens and fathers to the chicks. The hens are excellent egg producers and mothers. They will also happily hatch and mother any other type of egg you put under them (duck, big chicken, game bird, etc.). Although the chickens are a bit oversized for show purposes, the eggs are therefore a very convenient size, just 1/2 the size of standard chicken eggs and just right for using in recipes.