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Last updated: January 8, 2017

These are animals my current goats are descended from, or were bred to, but they are deceased or I no longer own them (and in the case of some of the bucks, just used them for stud service). Click the link or scroll down for pictures and information on each buck. The earliest pictures were taken in the days before I knew how to properly groom and pose the goats for show purposes, so the pictures don't show as much about their conformation as I would like, but they at least give an idea of what they looked like.

Bucks I Owned and Loved:
MCH Stonewall's Diggory Venn E - 2005 AGS National Champion Buck
Rosasharn's Julius E +*S ++B
MCH Fairlea Gabriel Oak E
Fairlea Jean Valjean
Flat Rocks Night Raven
Fairlea Siegfried
Fairlea Hamlet
MCH/CH Dragonfly RY Apache Tears

Bucks Used at Stud: Links to pictures and information at other websites
Brush Creek Shiloh *S. A major contributor to the breed and the sire of my first kids. There must be a picture of him somewhere but I haven't found it yet.
ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb ++B ++*S E One of the preeminent sires of the breed and of my herd.
ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L ++B ++*S E Another preeminent sire; Marguerite's sire.
Stonewall's Apocalypse Now ++*S
Piddlin Acres SC Maestro
Flat Rocks Funny Cide
ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini +*S E
Prommised Land Incredible Hunk *S
Flat Rocks Diamond Rio E
Caesar's Villa BB Rebel Yell
MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax E
Information and pictures of most of these bucks are available on Dragonfly Farm's buck page.

Bucks born here but later sold:

(Follow the link or scroll down)
Fairlea Arsene Lupin *S *B
Fairlea Fletcher Christian
Fairlea Christopher Robin
Fairlea Butterscotch *S *B
Fairlea Jean-Louis
Fairlea Cyrano de Bergerac
Fairlea Rembrandt
Fairlea Hector

MCH Stonewall's Diggory Venn E
4/2/1996 - 6/2/2010
(Stonewall's Longstreet x Goodwood Tinkerbelle)
Diggory's page    Pedigree

We lost our wonderful foundation buck in 2010, and he will be greatly missed. But his last two years were what every buck would want for a retirement - his own place in the warm barn by night, and by day, complete freedom to wander about whereever he wished, watch the activities, ogle the girls, munch the grass, and lie in the sun.
Diggory was an excellent producer here at Fairlea and the only buck ever to defeat his grandsire/uncle ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb in the Champion Challenge class. (I think Tom actually had a tad more length of neck and body, Diggory maybe a little more width and depth in proportion to his slightly smaller size - otherwise they were remarkably similar.) His doe offspring frequently won the "Get of Sire" classes at shows. He was also a very good-natured, easy-going, friendly guy who was a child's pet before I got him from Judy Veale of Stonewall Farm. He was classified Excellent at the age of eight with a score of 91.9.
At the age of nine, Diggory won AGS National Champion Buck at the 2005 AGS National show in Springfield, MA. He was also lined up first of the challengers in the Champion Challenge class at the ANDDA National Specialty show earlier the same day, and the judge's comments were very complimentary, although he lost that challenge to the Grand Champion buck. Congratulations to his breeder Judy Veale, and many thanks to her for offering him to me so many years ago!
More information and pictures also on Dragonfly Farm's reference page.

Rosasharn's Julius +*S ++B

2/26/99 - 12/30/11
MCH OTR Magic's M Heracles
x ARMCH Stonewall's Little Luli *D
Julius's page    Pedigree

Our sweet, gregarious little Julius died quite suddenly at just two months short of 13 years old. He had been slowing down the past couple of years, a little stiff, a little thin, but otherwise doing pretty well for his age. Like all our beloved pensioners, he was allowed to wander loose on the farm in summer, graze or ogle the girls or lie in the sun, and when it got cold this fall he had a special comfy stall with the baby bucks. He sired right up to the end, producing a set of quads and a set of triplets in spring, 2011. In his lifetime, this plain chocolate little guy reproduced his amazingly capacious body, loose skin, loads of dairy character, and, most importantly, outstanding udders with very large teats (see his daughters Fleur and Lindt on the doe page). The photo was taken in fall, 2011, at the ripe old age of 12.
Show: He has two Grand Champion legs and one reserve.


Flat Rocks Night Raven
3/2/07 - 9/6/12
Flat Rocks Gem x Flat Rocks Raven
Raven's page   Pedigree

POLLED, dark buckskin and white (carrying black). Raven died very suddenly. We were only just beginning to really appreciate the dairiness, elegance, beautiful general appearance, and outstanding mammaries Raven was producing. He originally came from Sunni Milligan of Flat Rocks Farm - thank you, Sunni! We miss you, Raven!


Fairlea Siegfried
2/16/07 - 2/15/15
Flat Rocks Diamond Rio x
ARMCH Fairlea Heidi *D E, *M
Siegfried's page    Pedigree

POLLED, gold and white (carrying black/chocolate), a triplet. We lost him much too young during a blizzard - this winter has been the worst ever! His pictures show how solid, strong, and beautiful he was, and you can actually see his wonderful personality in his face. I used to say that he was like his namesake, "very young, and very handsome, and very brave, and..." but there the resemblance ends. (Get thee behind me, Anna Russell!) Anything but stupid; he was probably the most personable of all my bucks - good humored, calm, friendly, jolly, always sure of his welcome, and just plain irresistible. In short, he was remarkably like Diggory, with whom he shared a lot of ancestors.
Show: He won Junior Champion three times (but no legs).


MCH Fairlea Gabriel Oak E
(MCH Goodwood Tom Thumb X Southview Farms Rakel)

Born 2001, photo in 2003. My first homebred buck and the son of my first, beloved doe Rachael. Gabriel finished his permanent master championship quickly at the age of three, at the first three shows I took him to in the summer of 2004. He got a lot of compliments on his dairy character, topline, good feet and legs, and powerful build. He is classified Excellent with a score of 90.1. He is now living at Hickory Grove Farm with Lisa Olinger.
  Photo by Joanne Karohl


Fairlea Jean Valjean
(PromisedLand Incredible Hunk *S X ARMCH Fairlea Fleur)

4/27/07 - 12/10/09

Dark buckskin and white, a quadruplet. Sweet, friendly, easy to handle, striking appearance, beautiful legs and feet, overall a lovely boy. Sadly, he died suddenly in December, 2009, and we don't know why -- the autopsy revealed nothing.
  Photo by Joanne Karohl


Fairlea Hamlet +*B +*S E
4/2/2005 - 3/2/2016
ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Giaccomo Puccini +*S E, *B
x ARMCH Fairlea Heidi *D E, *M
Hamlet's page

Chocolate with frosted ears and nose and white spot on stomach. Sadly, we lost Hamlet in March, 2016. He was a sweet, mellow guy, like all of Heidi's buck offspring. Hamlet produced very well with Carlene Wheeler (God's Love Farm) and Ashley Turcotte (Phoenix Rising Farm) - at least one CH/*M daughter (God's Love Farm Cloudy) and I think others as well. Then he came home, where he produced offspring with consistently solid, excellent bodies and beautiful, productive mammaries. He looks a bit odd in the picture because his previous owner shaved off his beard, but it grew out - I need to post another picture. In the fall of 2015 when it became evident that he wasn't handling the onset of cold weather well, we brought him into the barn for the winter, where he seemed to be doing better until he suddenly died in early spring. He got his + award posthumously through his daughter Fairlea Francesca.
AGS Classification: 90, E

Fairlea Arsene Lupin
(MCH Twin Creek's WB Fire Storm X MCH Fairlea Fleur)
Black and white with some frosting, born Arpil 9, 2006. Arsene was sold to Laura Whitlock of Dawnland Farm but later moved to Periwinkle Farm in New Hampshire.

Fairlea Fletcher Christian
(Flat Rocks Diamond Rio X MCH Fairlea Gretchen)
Gold and white, born April 10, 2006. Fletcher now lives with Mandi Babcock in Greenfield, MA.

Fairlea Christopher Robin
(Flat Rocks Diamond Rio X MCH Fairlea Gretchen)
Gold and white, polled, born April 10, 2006. Robin has moved to Karen Cochran's in Warren, ME.


Fairlea Butterscotch
(Rosasharn's Julius X ARMCH Fairlea Heidi)

Born 2003, gold chamoise - gold with a chocolate beard, a stripe along his back, and white flank spots like his mother Heidi. I sold Butterscotch as a kid, but he came back and was at stud here for a while. He now lives with Fonnie Thoman at Riverview Farm in Crown City, Ohio.
  Photo by Joanne Karohl


Fairlea Jean-Louis
(Caesar's Villa Rebel Yell X ARMCH Fairlea Fleur)

Born 4/7/09, black-and-white, a triplet. He is now living at Oldesouth Farm with Terry Babb.
For more pictures go here.

Fairlea Cyrano de Bergerac *S *B
Rosasharn's TL'Ugene *S X ARMCH Fairlea Fleur 3*D E, 3*M
Cyrano's page    Pedigree

Born 4/2/08. Pale gold and white with wattles (homozygous gold), a twin. Interestingly, his color faded quickly from gold as a kid to essentially white by the time he was only a few months old. The picture was taken in September 2012 at four years.


Fairlea Rembrandt *S
(Fairlea Prince Rainier *S X Fairlea Lindt 2*D E, 2*M)
Rembrandt's page   Pedigree

Born 5/29/11. Black and white, a quad. The picture is summer, 2012, as a yearling.

Fairlea Hector
4/9/12 - 10/3/14
Fairlea Hector *B *S X ARMCH Fairlea Troy *D E, *M
Hector's page

Gold and white, a twin. Sadly, we lost Hector shortly after he came back here. Autopsy showed poisoning, although there was nothing he could have gotten into unless something was in the hay or blew into the buckpen. He was sold as a kid but came back recently and I was looking forward to seeing what he could produce. I didn't even have a chance to get a picture of him as an adult. I am seeing a pattern here: Fairlea Jean Valjean died the same way, same timing right after he came home as an adult, and it is becoming clear from these and other poisonings I have seen that experienced goats and sheep tell inexperienced ones which plants are safe to eat - but they withhold that information from strangers or little kids that are not their own offspring.